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DarkFire IRC Daemon

The DarkFire IRCd daemon is a modern and efficient IRCd for small and medium sized networks. This IRCd is designed for use primarily on the DarkFire IRC Network, but can be used freely elsewhere. For Discussion Forums relating to DarkFire IRCd, please use the IRCd Forum hosted on the DarkFire Forums.

For more information on DarkFire IRCd, please contact dave. For information regarding the DarkFire Verification System (DVS), see this. For further information, please see the Project Listing on Sourceforge.

Obtaining Source:

The latest stable version of DarkFire IRCd is df-1.3.9. (md5 sums)

For information on what the release files may contain, please see the release file information hosted here.


New! We are now using Bugzilla to track all bugs. Please go to bugzilla.darkfire.net to report or browse current bugs.

Warning: Please upgrade if you are using df-1.3.7, df-1.3.7b, or df-1.3.7c, as it may crash in a seemingly random pattern. The bug has been fixed as of df-1.3.8!

If you are unable to use Bugzilla, please send an email to dave@darkfire.net. Include the version of DarkFire IRCd you are using and a detailed report. If using CVS, please include the date you last updated the source.

Older bugs are described here.

Report Usage of Darkfire IRCd!

As of February 27th, 2004, we are trying to collect usage information for DarkFire IRCd. More information will be included upon the release of the next major version. Check out the current list and please report where Darkfire IRCd is used.


CHANGES.txt - List of changes to DarkFire IRCd
DVS.txt - Information regarding the Darkfire Verification System
INSTALL.txt - Installation instructions
LICENSE.txt - License information (GNU General Public License, Version 1)
Modelist.txt - Detailed list and explanation of user and channel modes
RELNOTES.txt - Release notes
Spanish.txt - Information regarding the Spanish language implementation
WHATS-NEW-1.3.0.txt - General overview of new features in DarkFire IRCd v1.3.0
WHATS-NEW-1.2.0.txt - General overview of new features in DarkFire IRCd v1.2.0
WHATS-NEW-CODE-1.2.0.txt - General overview of code changes of interest to developers
example.conf.txt - Example ircd.conf file for DarkFire IRCd
Ilines.txt - Information on new usage of I:lines
OperManual.txt - HOWTO for IRCd's operator commands

Hosting services for this project are provided by Sourceforge.

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This page is Copyright © 2002-2004, DarkFire Coding Team. All rights reserved. For more information, questions, or comments, please email dave@darkfire.net.