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New! We are now using Bugzilla to track all bugs. Please go to bugzilla.darkfire.net to report or browse current bugs.

Old Bugs:

JOIN Bug (Affects versions of DarkFire IRCd with DVS support prior to 1.3.5)

If you are running a version of dfircd which supports DVS and you have DVS disabled, there is a possibility that the IRCd may crash on certain instances of /join. Upgrading to 1.3.5 should correct this issue. This is not present when DVS is enabled.

WKILL Bug (Affects all versions of DarkFire IRCd prior to 1.3.0)

When using /WKILL <#channel> <reason>, the IRCd will crash (and create a core file) if the following is true:

It is recommended that /wkill not be used on channels on versions prior to 1.3.0.

Unreported Bugs:

As you may have seen, there are other bugs that are not listed here. As all new bugs are being posted on bugzilla.darkfire.net, this list will no longer be updated. Please report bugs so that we can fix problems sooner and alert other users! Thank you.

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